Monday, July 4, 2022

PWF #5 - SuffragetteSlam

The PWF women's division takes center stage at SuffragetteSlam, where First Lady wrestling superstars attempt to foil PWF owner Donald Trump's plot to imperil women's rights. Featuring an exciting card:
  • Nancy Reagan vs. Barbara Bush
  • Mary Todd Lincoln vs. Julia Grant
  • Sally Hemings vs. Julia Gardiner Tyler
  • First Ladies (Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Florence Harding, Melania Trump) vs. Presidential Mistresses (Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinsky, Nan Britton, Stormy Daniels)
  • Repeal the 19th Amendment Match: First Ladies (Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Obama, Edith Wilson, Rosalyn Carter) vs. Miss USA Pageant Contestants

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