He's also quite handsome, as you can see
James J. Hamilton is a comedian from Pittsburgh whose awesome genius is matched only by his incredible humility. 

Hailed as "brilliantly funny," "a fantastic comic," and "a disgusting excuse for a person," James started doing stand-up in 2010 and has performed at the Pittsburgh Improv, Arcade Comedy Theater, DVE Comedy Festival, Burning Bridges Festival, and many other illustrious places including dive bars, bowling alleys, yogurt shops, vape shops, haunted houses, regular houses, political campaign offices, wedding rehearsal dinner afterparties, adult-themed Easter egg hunts, and Juggalo coffeehouses.

James is a writer and performer for the sketch group The Pitts (formerly known as the Millennials). He is also the creator and writer of James J. Hamilton's Blog, the first and only Pittsburgh comedy intramural sports beat writer, and the founder and president emeritus of the James J. Hamilton Fan Club.

The first open mic James ever hosted was filmed by a Norwegian TV crew and was subjected to a violent protest against something he posted on Facebook nine months earlier. He never actually made it on Norwegian TV, however, and his television credits are limited to his appearance as a bystander in the surveillance video of a stabbing shown on local news.

James won the 2016 March Madness stand-up tournament at the Pittsburgh Improv but has lost every other stand-up contest he's ever participated in. He has a plethora of excuses for each loss, including the time a local sports television personality serving as a judge broke the news to the audience—seconds before James went onstage—that a local team had just traded away a star player.

James is a veteran of ten roasts, including five roasts of fellow comics and five “character” roasts. He portrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Roast of Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter in the Roast of Freddie Krueger, Commissioner Gordon in the Roast of Batman, and Abraham Lincoln twice in the Roasts of Donald Trump and Santa Claus.

James can recite numerous Shakespearean speeches and his two favorite novels are the one that inspired the guys who shot John Lennon and Ronald Reagan and the one with dead babies hanging from a tree. He can name all the U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents in order and also knows a lot about Natalie Portman, including her home address. 

Finally, he is the author of this bio, which has been described as a "masterpiece."

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