Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NSA Employee In Charge Of Monitoring Our Facebook Accounts Not Too Thrilled About It Either

By James J. Hamilton
WASHINGTON—John Wolfe, an NSA employee assigned to the agency’s PRISM program, told reporters Wednesday that, like many ordinary Americans, he too wants the program to be shut down.  He said the outrage expressed by citizens who consider the program an invasion of privacy is “nothing” compared to the outrage he feels about “having to spend 80 fucking hours a week” reading those citizens’ Facebook profiles.  “I have PhDs in mathematics and cryptology.  If I have to read one more status update about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy weight gain, I’m going to commit a terrorist attack.”  Wolfe added that the program isn’t even effective because there is simply too much data for him to keep up with. “Al-Qaeda could be using Farmville to send coded messages to sleeper cells and I wouldn’t know a thing about it because there’s no way I can analyze every goddamn Farmville request.”