Monday, August 16, 2021

Dead Presidents Podcast Episode 16 - Abraham Lincoln & Top 5 Accomplished Presidential Dads

In an epic Season 1 finale, we follow the life of Abraham Lincoln from his humble beginnings to his days as a homespun prairie lawyer, and trace his rise to national prominence as an intellectual leader of the political movement against slavery's expansion. When his 1860 election sparks a secession crisis, one of our least-experienced presidents is thrust into the most difficult situation any president has ever faced and challenged with holding together a fracturing nation. With unflinching leadership through a bloody Civil War, he managed to not only restore the Union but bring a definitive end to the institution of slavery. Also: We count down the Top 5 Accomplished Presidential Dads (the barely literate Thomas Lincoln will not be on the list).

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We're very proud of all of our wonderful Episode 16 sponsors:
Baby for adoption from Home for the Friendless – Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI) – March 19, 1863

Fair to benefit Home for the Friendless – Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) – November 16, 1861
Look out for pickpockets at the fair – Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) – November 22, 1861
Wife wanted by lonely guy – New York Daily Herald (New York, NY) – March 22, 1864 
Loyal southern planter seeks good woman – New York Daily Herald (New York, NY) – March 22, 1864
Baron Von Toozly seeks lady of means – Evening Star (Washington, DC) – March 21, 1865
Madame de Cora’s Matrimonial Agency – New York Daily Herald (New York, NY) – June 11, 1863
Chipley on Masturbation – The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY) – April 22, 1861
L.G. Lloyd’s Furniture & Coffin Warehouse – The Pittsfield Sun (Pittsfield, MA) – September 11, 1862
Charles Kunz, Night Scavenger – Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) – June 5, 1863