Monday, August 2, 2021

Dead Presidents Podcast Episode 15 - James Buchanan & Top 5 Accomplished Presidential Sons

James Buchanan had the experience: lawyer, party leader, Representative, Senator, ambassador to Russia and Britain, and Secretary of State. So how did he fail so badly as president? His long camaraderie with southern leaders, his myopic views on slavery, and his desire to be an imperialist abroad while things were coming apart at home didn't help. By the end of this episode, the antebellum sectional crisis will explode into outright secession and Buchanan will earn his rightful place as the worst president of all time. And we tackle the question of whether our only bachelor president might have been gay. Also: Many president's sons have done great things in their own right. We count down the highest-achievers on our Top 5 Accomplished Presidential Sons.

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