Monday, May 10, 2021

Dead Presidents Podcast Episode 09 - William Henry Harrison & Top 5 Funniest Presidents

In an episode almost as long as his presidency, we give William Henry Harrison his due. Before his 31 days in the White House, he was a strong governor, successful general, and one of the shrewdest executioners of U.S. Indian policy. But first, we regale a live studio audience with humor from our Top 5 Funniest Presidents.

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Dr. Evans’ Beautifying Lotion – Vermont Mercury (Woodstock, VT) – April 2, 1841

Dr. Hitchcock’s Worm Tea – Vermont Mercury (Woodstock, VT) – April 2, 1841

Dr. Smith’s Infirmary and Insane Hospital – Vermont Mercury (Woodstock, VT) – April 2, 1841

Sheriff John Fruit – The Columbia Democrat (Bloomsburg, PA) – March 27, 1841

William Chapin and his wife Mary Ann – The Rutland County Herald (Rutland, VT) – March 9, 1841

Beware of John P. Hunt – Salt River Journal (Bowling Green, MO) – March 13, 1841
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