Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Praise For James J. Hamilton

By James J. Hamilton

When you spend a few years tearing up the comedy scene like I have, you gain a lot of admirers.  Here are some of the incredible things that have been said about yours truly:

“He’s a funny dude.” – Mike Wysocki

“What an incredible piece of shit!” – Joyce W.

“I heard great things about him.” – Matt Wohlfarth

“What an ignorant piece of shit!” – Joyce W.

 “A very funny gentleman.” – Tommy Kupiec

“You fucking piece of shit!” – Joyce W.

“Brilliantly funny.” – Brad Ryan

 “A piece of shit.” – Chase C.

“A very middle-of-the-road comedian who never ever ever courts any sort of controversy whatsoever.” – Ben Kenny

“If James J. Hamilton is allowed to perform, there will be some sort of disruption and/or protest of the event.  There are many more folks besides myself who have been keeping an eye on this guy and do not wish him to ever perform in public again.  This is not some kind of threat, but just a fact.” – Alecia R.

“Very funny and sometimes gets drinks thrown on him.” – Erick Williams

“You sick fuck.” – Joanna S.

“A delightful peach.” – Derek Minto

“A disgusting excuse for a person.” – Evan F.

“He is, in fact, a gentleman.” – Aaron Kleiber

“You insensitive waste of human life.” – Matt K.

“I love this guy.” – Justin Markuss

“If this piece of shit ends up getting his ass beat for the disgusting things coming out of his mouth, he’s going to deserve every last bit of what happens to him.” – Evan F.

“A very funny motherfucker.” – Mark McCall
"James: Thanks for loving rape jokes." – Anthony Jeselnik

“I hope you find your way into prison so you can see just how funny rape is.” – Matt K.

“A civil rights hero.” – Alex Stypula

“I will defend to the death your right to blahblahblah I hope you get kicked in the dick.” – Adam S.

“A veritable man.” – Robert X

“Pig.” – Emily S.

“He’s a comic.” – Sam C. Moore (quoted in the Steubenville Herald-Star)

“It’s cute that you consider yourself a comic.” – Davon M.

“He’s a fantastic comic as far as I’m concerned.” – Derek Minto

“The fact is that this dude is not fucking funny!  Have you read the stuff he posts online?  It’s couched in sexism/racism or it’s about Natalie Portman.  His jokes are banal, boring, and juvenile.  I’d rather read Family Circus.” – Alecia R.

“You are really, really funny.  Your writing is awesome.” – John Chamberlin

“Fuck you, James Hamilton, you fucking piece of shit!  You suck!” – Alecia R.

“I like you, James.” – Aaron Kleiber

“I hope James Hamilton never gets a show anywhere ever again!” – Alecia R.

“He and I are on a show this weekend in Lower Burrell because we fucking made it!” – Dan Jenniches

“Must have been dropped a couple of times when you were a baby, huh?” – Linda L.

“One of my favorite comedians in Pittsburgh, and I’m not just saying that because he’s standing right over there.  That’s an actual opinion I have.” – John Dick Winters

“Would he think it was funny if he got his ass beat?  I doubt it.  Guess who would laugh.  Me.” – Ryan W.

“He is one of the best comedians not only in Pittsburgh but in the world itself.  People blow him and shower him with cocaine daily.” – Ben Kenny

“Dude, you got issues.” – Beau L.

“James J. Hamilton is this generation’s James J. Hamilton.” – James J. Hamilton